Friday, April 24, 2009

...and the pictures

Here are the pictures from my trip. My post about the trip is below.
Poor little Kiree is still not feeling well. Her fever keeps coming back when her medicine wears off and she is super cranky. Poor Meg is getting tired.

Little Asher
Little (Great) Grandma

My mom and Asher

Mmmm, Burgers Supreme.

Four Generations

All of us

Asher in his widdle suit. Not pictured, the adorable baby tie.

Doesn't Asher look like Rusty?

Sunday night games

The Ikea buffet

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Trip to Utah

I got back on Tuesday from my week long trip to Utah to help my sister with her new baby. I'm sorry that I didn't really get to visit anybody. I never even made it down to BYU. But I came to help and help I did and that made it worth it to leave my babies and my babe for a little while (but I sure did miss them)
flying solo
It was weird to fly without children and to be all by myself. I hadn't flown alone since 2003. It was also weird to not be so frequently interrupted when I was trying to do stuff. I did enjoy having some quiet time when everyone was asleep to read scriptures, stretch, and check my email.
It was great to spend time with Kathy and Rusty and my little nephew Asher. Kathy and I got to chat quite a bit and even got to venture out a couple of times to run some errands. Asher is a little sweetie. Even though we had some quite messy diaper changes, he never got me! I was sad to leave the little guy the night before I left when I stayed the night at my mom's.
My little grandma also came out to visit while I was out. It was good to see her. I hadn't seen her since last September. I got to see Bob's siblings who live in Utah when they dropped by Kathy's place on Sunday. We played pass the pigs and the super fun game.
On my last night in Utah, mom, grandma, and I stopped at Ikea. Mom wanted to get a buffet but wasn't sure she could get it home. The high cost of delivery tipped the scales in favor of bringing it home in the car. The heavy box could be opened once we arrived home and pieces could be brought in individually. I got to be helpful one last time after we went out for dinner. Mom and I put the buffet together. One piece of one drawer was broken, so that part will have to be replaced at Ikea, but otherwise we finished the job.
home again
The cruddy little mini computer I brought along with me decided that it didn't want to get along with its battery any more. So I had no little notebook to play games on on the flight home. But luckily I flew delta home and the plane had little mini TVs in the seat backs. It had free TV shows on it during the flight. If I'd had a headset I could have listened too (yes, I'm too cheap to pay the $2) but watching design shows on HGTV doesn't really require sound to be enjoyable. The little TV also let you watch the progress of the plane across a little satellite picture. That is a fun feature. I was very excited to see Bob and the girls again. I pictured in my mind them waiting at security for me to come out. It didn't quite work that way. I had to call Bob to find out where they were. They were at the play area of course. Kiree looked so big! I think we were all happy I was home.
For the last few days I've been trying to catch up on laundry, dishes, and all the commitments I forgot I'd made for right after I got home. And Kiree has been sick, a little throwing up and fever. We went to the doctor today and it appears to be a sore throat (but it's not strep -thank goodness!) So I've had a lot of snuggle time with my little Kiree. Here's hoping she gets better fast!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pics

Here are some pictures of the girls on Easter (should have gotten a before church picture, but they only slightly spilled stuff on their dresses before these pics were taken).

I had a matching pink dress for Kiree, but it is a girls size 4 and looked kind of floor length when I tried it on her. I'm sure they'll both get to wear their dresses together some time. I'll just need to sew up the seam on Jaide's dress that ripped. doh!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grandma's Visit

Grandma R. came out to visit us and we had lots of fun. The girls were super excited. Here are some pictures and stories about what we did. On Thursday (the 2nd) we went down to Washington DC to go to the American History museum and to see the cherry blossoms (sad that we forgot the camera!).

Friday Jaide had school and her spring party. The rest of us went to the thrift store to look for picture frames. We also went to the craft store to get some things to work on during General Conference. Bob's cousin Mary, her kiddos, and her mom all stopped by to visit, play, and to drop Mary's mom off at the airport. It's handy to be close to the airport, especially when you end up giving up your seat on the plane and leaving the next day instead.

Saturday we went to the other craft store in the morning and Jaide got to do some kid craft activities.
Grandma knitted three hats during the weekend. Jaide and Kiree will wear their's on Easter.
We watched General Conference and went to the store in between sessions to get ice cream (everyone picked out a carton- Bob's family's tradition).

On Monday we went to story time at the library. Jaide loved it- it's always during school, so she never gets to go. Later we went to the Science Center.

Tuesday Grandma took a plane to Orlando to meet up with Grandpa. He had to go there for work. We went to the ward playgroup Easter Egg hunt and Jaide and Kiree loved it (forgot the camera-doh!). Jaide didn't want to stop searching for eggs.

Grandma came back on Friday for one more evening of fun. We dyed Easter eggs, made rice krispy treat eggs, and then had an Easter egg hunt inside the house. I think we may be hiding the eggs again for another go around.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's a Nephew

My sister Kathy had her baby boy very early yesterday (Monday the 6th). So now I have one nephew and one niece. And next week I get to go out and see my nephew in person. Yay!

Lousy Smarch Goals

March was not a good month for my money saving goals. Several categories in our budget went into the red. Some of it was due to stocking up on stuff (clearance shoes for Jaide, food, diapers) but still- not an excuse for all of it. My savings/earnings for March was a measly $61.50 (the goal is $50 per week, not month!)
My other goal work has been going better. I'm getting to the gym more regularly since Kiree has gotten down to one nap a day. The other day I weighed myself at the gym and I was at 1(x-2)9 for the first time in a long time. I keep bouncing around between 1x9 and 1(x-1). (I would pronounce all those "one ex minus two-ty nine, one ex-ty nine, and one ex minus one-ty" respectively in case you were wondering). I could be doing better with the fruits and veggies eating but I am eating less junk. We'll see how I fare with Easter coming up.
Jaide hasn't been wanting to wipe the table too much lately since her sticker chart for that category is basically full. But somebody usually does get it clean before we stack up the chairs for Wall-e.
We continue to do very well at cleaning up each night so Wall-e can vacuum and Sunday night weekly meal planning continues to make my life go much more smoothly. Dinner is usually ready when Bob gets home from work- yay!
So there you have it. I'm still plugging away at those goals.