Friday, April 24, 2009

...and the pictures

Here are the pictures from my trip. My post about the trip is below.
Poor little Kiree is still not feeling well. Her fever keeps coming back when her medicine wears off and she is super cranky. Poor Meg is getting tired.

Little Asher
Little (Great) Grandma

My mom and Asher

Mmmm, Burgers Supreme.

Four Generations

All of us

Asher in his widdle suit. Not pictured, the adorable baby tie.

Doesn't Asher look like Rusty?

Sunday night games

The Ikea buffet


kathy said...

those are great pictures meg. we sure do miss you around here, but i;m happy you can be with your girls. i'm sorry kiree is sick. i hope you didnt get anything from being here... i think the little ash-man is getting sick too. hopefully they'll both be themselves again soon.
btw that's a good looking buffet!

Jenni said...

I love Burger Supreme!! Great pictures - little Asher is a cutie! So sorry to hear Kiree is so sick, that's no fun for anyone.