Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grandma's Visit

Grandma R. came out to visit us and we had lots of fun. The girls were super excited. Here are some pictures and stories about what we did. On Thursday (the 2nd) we went down to Washington DC to go to the American History museum and to see the cherry blossoms (sad that we forgot the camera!).

Friday Jaide had school and her spring party. The rest of us went to the thrift store to look for picture frames. We also went to the craft store to get some things to work on during General Conference. Bob's cousin Mary, her kiddos, and her mom all stopped by to visit, play, and to drop Mary's mom off at the airport. It's handy to be close to the airport, especially when you end up giving up your seat on the plane and leaving the next day instead.

Saturday we went to the other craft store in the morning and Jaide got to do some kid craft activities.
Grandma knitted three hats during the weekend. Jaide and Kiree will wear their's on Easter.
We watched General Conference and went to the store in between sessions to get ice cream (everyone picked out a carton- Bob's family's tradition).

On Monday we went to story time at the library. Jaide loved it- it's always during school, so she never gets to go. Later we went to the Science Center.

Tuesday Grandma took a plane to Orlando to meet up with Grandpa. He had to go there for work. We went to the ward playgroup Easter Egg hunt and Jaide and Kiree loved it (forgot the camera-doh!). Jaide didn't want to stop searching for eggs.

Grandma came back on Friday for one more evening of fun. We dyed Easter eggs, made rice krispy treat eggs, and then had an Easter egg hunt inside the house. I think we may be hiding the eggs again for another go around.


BrookieT said...

I love family traditions! I love starting our own with the young children. The excitement in their eyes is just priceless! For GC, or Easter- there's just so much fun stuff you can do.

Jenni said...

I love that 2nd picture!! Sounds like great conference and Easter fun!! I love that conference ice cream tradition!