Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

In my swamp backyard of course!
This frog has been a resident of our back yard for a few days now. You eat all the nasty little flying bugs you want dear frog! This morning Jaide and I got to see frog in action he (or she, I have no idea) leaped and ate a bug in midair. Pretty cool.
Not quite in my backyard, but a few hundred feet away (a little down the road and turn left) we saw some roadkill that wasn't quite roadkill. Driving to church this morning I saw a decent sized, black snake in the road wriggling around all crazy style. He (or she, I have no idea) had been partially run over. I think I might have finished the job. I couldn't avoid said wriggly, partially squished snake because it was right in my way. I hope not to find any snakes inside my backyard. Caterpillars like this one are okay.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Spy... Pittsburgh!

We went to Pittsburgh this weekend to visit the Children's Museum and the Pittsburgh Science Center. This was a much more enjoyable trip than our last one to Pittsburgh. The hotel room wasn't smelly, we spent more than one day there, and Kiree isn't a baby any more. Here are many, lovely pictures from our trip.
See if you can find: bunks on a submarine, baby geese, Kiree chasing an ant, a miniature Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood, Kiree pouring water on the ground, some wacky gravity (or is it just camera tricks?), pouty-faced Jaide (x3), a kitchen demo in a 50's diner styled kitchen, puppets from the land of Make Believe, King Friday XIII, Two Gorton's Fisherman wanna be's, a 5th floor hotel railing with spaces big enough for a certain 18m.o. to stick her head through, a kiddo "ant farm," a life-sized Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood, an artsy/musical swingset, a glass elevator, fishies!, a young artist at work, Thomas the Tank Engine chugging along, Mr. Rodger's shoes, Kiree nearly falling headfirst into the water play trough- wait, I didn't get a picture of that one, I was too busy grabbing her yellow coat and preventing it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

20lbs 7.4oz

That's what Kiree weighed at her doctor's appointment today. She's all the way up to the 10th percentile for weight now. Woot! The doctor was very pleased. Next appointment- 2 years old!
Kiree got a shot today and made a face quite similar to that one
Here are Kiree's other stats:
32.25" tall - that's 75th percentile
18.25" head circumference

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kiree 1.5

It's Kiree Kiddo's half birthday today!
I made Kiree some half birthday cupcakes and a little round cake frosted with peanut butter. Kiree is quite the little talker these days. Here's some of what she's been saying lately:
yummy, yummy, yummy (refers to any sort of treat she wants to eat)
i want dat!
me too!
buh duh (peanut butter)
i doh noo (I don't know)
i wanna go
i want Jaide (when Jaide was at preschool)
thank yoo
i want dada
let go! let me go!
erneee erneee (Ernie from sesame street on her diaper)
Jaide: ready, set..
Kiree: go!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

When it rains, it floods

One good thing about rainy days is the cool overcast lighting for taking pictures. I'll have to post the rest of the ones I took later.

Were you praying for rain? or "moisture" as they say out in Utah? Well please stop. I think I've had about enough rain for a while. It has been raining a lot and last night we had thunder storms. And somewhere along the line our sump pump kicked the bucket- a bucket full of yucky water, which it spewed all over the utility room and the dirty zone of the basement carpet. I moved literally a few hundred gallons of water out of their via 5 gallon bucket to the downstairs toilet. But the best part (not) was what it did to the two printers we had in a box on the floor of the utility room waiting to be taken to the dump. The water made black ink flow forth all over the place- like some kind of angry squid was hanging out down there. What a mess. Of course I had to take pictures. So here you go.

And I thought it was bad when Jaide decided to fill the kitchen sink up with hand soap bubbles. At least that mess was clean!

The "dirty zone" of the carpet. Previously involved in the toilet over flow incident of '06.

Inky fun!

Water and various detritus. I hate washing that stupid runner because it sheds rubbery back bits like crazy.