Monday, May 4, 2009

April Goals Report- Much Like March

First the good news- I have lost a couple of pounds because I've been more diligent about eating more healthy foods and less unhealthy ones. Not so good news- my motivation was my high cholesterol- yikes!
The bad news- My savings plan tanked in April. It didn't help that I was in the hole a bit for March to begin with, but then I also bought a lot of clothes for the kids (super duper sales! but all those 99cent purchases do add up). I didn't manage to get anything listed on ebay either- so no $$ coming in.
You want to hear about what I bought at the thrift store? It's not as fun to tell you now that I just spilled about my tanking savings, but I did spend a little time the other day figuring out the regular prices of a lot of these things (some are comparable items)- so here goes...

Pampered Chef Apple Peeler Slicer Corer retail $31.50 I paid $8
Disney store Tinkerbell t-shirt for Jaide (who loves tinkerbell in addition to scooby doo) retail ranges $5 clearance-$15 I paid 99cents
Gap Bootcut jeans for Jaide to wear in about a year retail $19.50-$29.50 I paid $4.99
Disney store princess bluejeans retail $29.50 I paid $3.99
Crocs Mary Janes (a little too small for Jaide, so we'll have to wait until Kiree fits them) retail $29.99-$14.99 on sale I paid $4.99
Large lined wicker basket I paid $2.99 at the craft store something that size could easily be over $15
Cold water creek skirt, very pretty and fits me well retail (skirts on their site are like $60-$100 some on sale for $20-$30) I paid $6.99

So it could have been worse! Okay, no more excuses, I'm going to have to work harder this month :)

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