Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Made a Liar out of my Ticker

Kiree had her first* day of nursery today. Bob was sick today (Kiree got better from her illness shortly after my last post) so I brought Kiree to nursery to ask if she could stay (I teach primary and so that would be a little hard to do with Kiree). Since Kiree is going to turn 18 months on Friday any way, it wasn't a big deal. Kiree has been going in with her daddy for 15-20 minutes each Sunday to get used to it and she has liked it. Kiree was a bit sad when she realized I was going to leave but she was pretty happy when she realized her friend was going to be in there with her. I'm told she did pretty well. She did go up to the door a couple of times, but she sure did love the mini marshmellows they had today with their snacks. The raisins, however, remained untouched. When I came to get Kiree she was trying to snatch her neighbor's marshmellows.
So maybe next week we'll take an official first day of nursery picture and celebrate!
* okay, so really her first, first day of nursery was several weeks ago when I was subbing for the 4 year olds and she wandered off without me noticing for a while. Someone did stay in nursery with her but it wasn't Bob or I.


janae said...

I'm so glad she went without a problem! I can't imagine trying to teach primary with an 18 month old. They are so wiggly!

Jenny said...

Yay for going into nursery! Only ...let's see... 12 more Sundays left until Henry goes to nursery! That time between 1 year and 18 months is so hard at church!

Emily Petty said...

So funny! I never thought about taking a picture of Frank in nursery - I guess I should do that! Lucky for me, the nursery has let Frank go (without me) for the past 4 mos.! I play piano in primary so I can't take him and Frank's work schedule only allows him to go to church every other week - so the primary pres. didn't want to watch him and he ended up in nursery! He was doing fine, but he's just started to get clingy and cry when we leave him.