Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Spy... Pittsburgh!

We went to Pittsburgh this weekend to visit the Children's Museum and the Pittsburgh Science Center. This was a much more enjoyable trip than our last one to Pittsburgh. The hotel room wasn't smelly, we spent more than one day there, and Kiree isn't a baby any more. Here are many, lovely pictures from our trip.
See if you can find: bunks on a submarine, baby geese, Kiree chasing an ant, a miniature Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood, Kiree pouring water on the ground, some wacky gravity (or is it just camera tricks?), pouty-faced Jaide (x3), a kitchen demo in a 50's diner styled kitchen, puppets from the land of Make Believe, King Friday XIII, Two Gorton's Fisherman wanna be's, a 5th floor hotel railing with spaces big enough for a certain 18m.o. to stick her head through, a kiddo "ant farm," a life-sized Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood, an artsy/musical swingset, a glass elevator, fishies!, a young artist at work, Thomas the Tank Engine chugging along, Mr. Rodger's shoes, Kiree nearly falling headfirst into the water play trough- wait, I didn't get a picture of that one, I was too busy grabbing her yellow coat and preventing it.


Emily Petty said...

Looks like a lot of fun! We'll have to head up to Pittsburgh some day. Kiree has quite the vocab - Frank has lots of words, but very few phrases - I need to get him to put words together - I'm very impressed with Kiree's skills!

Jenny said...

Love the Mr. Rogers stuff!

Meg said...

Sorry I couldn't get the pictures to be closer together so you don't have to scroll for miles. I tried and tried. :(

I think Kiree is as verbal as she is because she has Jaide to talk to. I've heard that kids pick up stuff much quicker from other kids than from adults. She's definitely gotten a lot of use out of "that's mine!" and "let me go!"

BrookieT said...

It's true, Meg! Whenever Elena has been playing around older kids she comes home and says the darndest things- stuff I've neer heard her say before. Full adult sentences, and spoken with authority. Quite funny. I enjoyed your pics!