Friday, May 8, 2009

Kiree 1.5

It's Kiree Kiddo's half birthday today!
I made Kiree some half birthday cupcakes and a little round cake frosted with peanut butter. Kiree is quite the little talker these days. Here's some of what she's been saying lately:
yummy, yummy, yummy (refers to any sort of treat she wants to eat)
i want dat!
me too!
buh duh (peanut butter)
i doh noo (I don't know)
i wanna go
i want Jaide (when Jaide was at preschool)
thank yoo
i want dada
let go! let me go!
erneee erneee (Ernie from sesame street on her diaper)
Jaide: ready, set..
Kiree: go!

1 comment:

BrookieT said...

Yay- it's great to celebrate the milestones. How cute to have a half-birthday party!