Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

In my swamp backyard of course!
This frog has been a resident of our back yard for a few days now. You eat all the nasty little flying bugs you want dear frog! This morning Jaide and I got to see frog in action he (or she, I have no idea) leaped and ate a bug in midair. Pretty cool.
Not quite in my backyard, but a few hundred feet away (a little down the road and turn left) we saw some roadkill that wasn't quite roadkill. Driving to church this morning I saw a decent sized, black snake in the road wriggling around all crazy style. He (or she, I have no idea) had been partially run over. I think I might have finished the job. I couldn't avoid said wriggly, partially squished snake because it was right in my way. I hope not to find any snakes inside my backyard. Caterpillars like this one are okay.

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Hules said...

Okay, I'm not commenting about frogs, but I do have to say your trip looks like it was so much fun!

I can't believe Kiree is talking SO much! I just posted Jocelyn's 18month blog too, but she doesn't say half as much as Kiree. Annelise on the other hand talked like crazy from 15 months & is still going! Did Jaide say that much as early too? Happy 18 month b-day! We celebrate them in our house too!