Thursday, June 25, 2009

Art Week Recap

The Art Week Banner at the end of the week. Only when taking it down did I realize that Jaide had glue sticked portions of it to the wall.

I'm not sure what I'd call this week's theme. Possibly no theme. TV week, or miscellaneous week don't sound too good. But last week was pretty fun.
Here's how art week went
We did finger painting (I made the finger paint, tempera paints reeks by the way, well old paint at least).
Jaide made a collage and one of those pictures where you scratch black crayon off the top of a rainbow of crayon colors. We colored up a storm with crayons. Made a mess with tempera paints and ink. On Saturday we went down to Washington DC to see the National Gallery of Art. We borrowed a book from the library a couple months ago about Leonardo daVinci. From that book we learned that there is only one of his paintings in the Western Hemisphere and it's at the National Gallery of Art.
The front of Ginevra de’ Benci by da Vinci.
So of course we had to see that.
The back of Ginevra de’ Benci by da Vinci.

We also saw a Raphael but no Michaelangelo or Donatello. "baby" Kiree said of this painting

We had a picnic outside afterwards.

A picture of us riding the metro. This was two days before the metro crash, but on a different line.


Jenni said...

Yay for your art week! That looked like fun! The National Gallery has SO many awesome pieces! Wasn't the metro accident so sad and scary!

Jenny said...

Love that you did art week! I wish I'd lived there longer to make it to the National Gallery. It looks like you all had fun.

Hules said...

Ah, I LOVE the National Gallery of Art. It's the one thing in the U.S. that really reminds me of my mission in Paris. Your photos are so fun. Sounds like a great day out.

That metro accident really was sobering. Paul used to take that line to DC 4 times a week.

Hey, I haven't browsed an Avon catalog in a while. Do you know if they have any new birthstone jewelry? I'm looking for some gifts for my sister-in-law. Her birthstone is December. Do they have any new mommy necklaces? Her kids' birthstones are July & October. Could you send me a page from the current book or outlet via email if you know of anything?

BrookieT said...

Good for you guys! So glad you weren't on that line on another day!