Friday, June 5, 2009

Preschool Graduation

My baby graduated from preschool today. The kids each got a little certificate that had their name on it. When we were leaving this afternoon, Jaide asked, "What is this for?" Bob and I chuckled. * We've had similar thoughts about our various diplomas which, coincidentally, are in a pile in the basement closet.
Jaide gets her certificate from her teacher.
Jaide and Ms. Debbie.
Kiree gets a lift so she can see the graduation.

And here's the cute part, Jaide's class performs "Kindergarten Here We Come"


Meg said...

*Bob and I laughed because of something someone told Bob about why he would need his actual diploma back in college. I don't remember the exact story (maybe you could share Bob!) but I vaguely remembered enough to still laugh about it.

Cindy said...

Happy graduation!

So, Kiree's hair looks really curly in that picture. Is it usually that curly in the back?

Meg said...

It curls up like that quite frequently. The front part is quite straight usually, but the back ends up curling. Sometimes her hair looks quite red, sometimes more strawberry blonde. We still can't figure out what color her eyes are.

atomicbob said...

I don't remember a story about needing an actual diploma . . . sorry.

Jenni said...

We just did the whole preschool graduation thing too! Isn't it cute! Congrats to Jaide!

atomicbob said...

I think it is funny when people talk about needing a physical diploma. I think my first job out of college wanted an official transcript from college. It seems like that is a lot more useful. We were joking about Jaide needing it to get a job out of preschool or them asking for a preschool diploma when working in high school.