Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Plans and the Terrible Twos

It's true-the terrible twos do start at about 18months. Kiree Kiddo has become "something else" lately. I had to put her in timeout in her crib yesterday because she wouldn't stop climbing up the loveseat and trying to pull the big picture above it down on her head. "Bee-you" has become her favorite color to wear, to eat from (bowls/plates), and to just yell out randomly. Kiree's hair is now long enough for a little teeny ponytail but of course, she always takes the hair thing out in the car.

So I made a plan a while back for dealing with having both the kids home all day every day this summer. Each week we're going to do fun activities based on a weekly theme. Last week was money week. We tried to learn about the different coins and the dollar. We also went to the credit union to set up an account for Jaide. I think it will take a while for Jaide to retain the coin name/value info. We got a little sidetracked last week with other stuff. Like getting the heatpump replaced (don't worry, it was planned) which took 7.5hrs- a little more than I thought it would. The old unit, in pieces. The new outside unit is huge!
This week is art week. Jaide loves art. No, she loves, loves, loves art. We made a paper banner mural on the wall. The bad thing about putting paper on the wall to color on is that some young children then think the ban on coloring on the actuall wall has been lifted.
Last week I bought 120 Crayola crayons for the girls. We opened them up and started using them on Monday. As of Wednesday morning, how many crayons do you suppose are broken?


janae said...

If your kids are anything like me, half of them. Seara has never broken any crayons (I know, weird), but what she does is peel off the wrapper. It drives me crazy!

kathy said...

those pictures are really cute. and i'll guess that approx. 74 crayons are broken, with another 25 missing part of their wrappers. at least that's the way it seemed to go in nursery. i think there's a reason they start kids in there at 18 months. :)

Jenni said...

Art week sounds awesome!! I love the weekly theme idea! You are such a good mommy!!

Jenny said...

Love the idea of a weekly theme! If only I had the get-up-and-go to actually do that! My hat's off to you.

Hules said...

Man, my baby's a climber too. I'm not sure I'd call it terrible two's... cuz her persistance has been there forever.

We're retexturing our family room & I was circling the spots that needed sanding, while I was holding Jocelyn. She already loves to take pens to the walls. Atleast we have a matching can of paint in the garage for pretty much every room that we've painted. I thought that my older girls never wrote on walls until 2-3 years later we were moving & I found Mickayla's initials on walls underneath places. By the time I found them Mickayla had become a responsible 5 year old & what could I say then? I mean, an apology from a 5 year old about something that she did when she was 2 just seems silly!

BrookieT said...

All of them?