Friday, July 17, 2009

chick way

The girls and I went to Chick-fil-A for dinner tonight. After dinner, we had to go play in the play area (of course!) This was the first time Kiree ever tried to get up into the big play area thing. She got to the third tier and just couldn't reach the fourth. She's a little shorty :) It was interesting to see the difference though between how she acted and how Jaide used to act in these fast food play areas when she was around Kiree's age. You can tell Kiree has a big sibling. She doesn't seem to mind much if the other kids knock into her or push her aside. Her temperment is a bit more easy going than Jaide's too, so that might also be part of it. She didn't get upset that she couldn't get up any higher than she did. She just enjoyed getting up and back down and running back and forth.
Jaide used to get very frustrated when she couldn't get up into the high play areas. She wanted me to take her up inside. Bob did take her up in at least one of them one time. Then Jaide got to the point where she'd get half way up by herself and freak out. Then either I or some other nice person would have to retrieve her. I don't know if Kiree will go through some of that later on. But one thing that is pretty handy is that she'll have a big sister to help her out. Yay! No more of me having to squeeze into a boxy tube full of alternating plastic triangles.
Meg and the mystical glowing orb, with handy orb carrying strap

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Meg said...

"chick way" is what Jaide used to call Chick-fil-A. For some reason I used to think it was pronounced chick-a-fil, but fortunately, I never actually pronounced it that way outside of my head.