Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Interview with a Five Year Old

Jaide had a birthday this week. On a rainy Thursday afternoon, I sat down with her to find out what she thinks about life, love, and the big oh-five. Jaide was wearing a navy blue Carter's top and shorts from Old Navy. Pink Dora croc-style shoes completed her ensemble.

Meg: So Jaide, congratulations on turning five.
Jaide: thanks
M: How was your birthday?
J: Good
M: Do you feel older?
J: Yes, I feel older.
M: What are you looking forward to most now that you're five?
J: Going to kindergarten.
M: Are you excited to take the bus?
J: yeah
M: Do you think you'll make new friends?
J: yeah
M: What do you think will be your favorite part of kindergarten?
J: arts and crafts time!
M: Tell me about your birthday.
J: my birthday was fun (trails off)
M: who's your best friend?
J: Megan
cause we always like how we play but sometimes we have a little problem like Kaya hitting us.
M: What's your favorite thing to do
J: color... and watch [tv]
M: Do you want to be an artist?
J: I want to be a mom that do-is artist things.
M:What do you think we will we do while you're at school?
J: You will, uh, watch tv. You will, play bean bag toss, and watch dora and play with the blow up hammer... (trails off again)
M: Are you going to be sad or happy at school?
J: I'll be sad, but I know from the book that when it's my first day of kindergarten, the girl from the book made a thing like her mommy.
M: What do you love?
J: I love mommy
M: any body else?
J: and Megan
M: How about Kiree and daddy?
J: yes, I love them too. I like Scooby Doo, I love coloring. I love Kristina.
M: Do you like making friends?
J: Yes. Mommy, I really want to watch Dora.
When we didn't watch Dora, Jaide became engrossed in coloring with her rainbow crayon, a prize from the library.
J: Look mommy, a rainbow!


Jenni said...

Cute interview with your cute girl! I love what she thinks you'll do while she's at school!:)

Hules said...

So adorable! Man, she's 5! They just grow too fast! That's my only complaint about motherhood. Why can't they be little just a bit longer?

BrookieT said...

So did you record that interview? At least the audio? It's so great to have for posterity!

kathy said...

I love the interview. That Jaide is hilarious. I wonder if that's what she really thinks you do when she's not around... I guess the dishes/laundry/dinner just do themselves. :)

Emily Petty said...

That is hilarious and adorable Meg! I may have to copy that someday. Happy Birthday to Jaide - what an incredible birthday party you threw!

Tracy said...

Love the pictures! Happy Birthday to sweet Jaide!