Sunday, July 12, 2009

Water Week and Animal Week Recaps

I'm a bit behind in blogging. July has turned into quite a busy month. Here's a little recap of what we've been doing.
We had water week two weeks ago. We did some fun activities including painting with water on the sidewalk, getting books from the library about water, and trying to make a cloud in a jar (didn't work as well as the picture in the book seemed to indicate).

The highlight seemed to be getting out the inflatable pool and having a little pool party with Kiree's little buddy Frank and his mom. They're visiting home for a few weeks. They live in Germany nowadays.

This past week was supposed to be cooking week, but it turned into animal week. Bob suggested cooking animals week, but I ended up being too lazy/not patient enough to actually do any cooking activities with the girls. *okay, not really lazy, more like busy doing other things and just not making time for it* We went to story time at the library on Monday and it was about elephants. Then we ended up going to the zoo with the second cousins. This picture is actually from when we went in May. I didn't bring my camera this trip. We had great fun seeing all the animals, especially the elephant baby and a pond full of tadpoles. We didn't do all that much more for animal week after that. We did watch a Diego video, but um, yeah...
This week is going probably going to be cleaning up/manners week since we all need to get ready for a certain person's birthday. Housefairy is helping us out with that (and those manners books I checked out weeks ago from the library, hopefully). The girls cleaned up their room yesterday and are eagerly waiting for the Housefairy to check out their room and leave them a surprise.


Jenny said...

What great weekly themes! I so wish I'd been more on the ball this summer to do stuff like that!

Jenni said...

Ha! "Cooking Animals" week! That made me laugh. I've been meaning to do cooking lessons with my kids this summer too... Hopefully I'll get at least 1 in before school starts!:) The Housefairy sounds very cute!

Emily Petty said...

I'm still so impressed with your themed weeks for summer - so creative. I learn lots of great things from you. Thanks again for such a fun pool party and letting us come visit you. I love the pictures. We sure miss everyone!