Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Reunion

The last week of July was spent in (and traveling to and from) Bob's family reunion. This was with kids, grandkids, and great grandkids of Bob's paternal grandparents. We flew to San Francisco and drove to Shasta Dam the next day. We got to cross the dam, which not every one gets to do, to get to the ranch where we stayed. The guardhouse and barriers at the end of the dam.

We stayed in a house with Bob's parents that was far from the rest, but it had a very beautiful view. It was crazy hot! I didn't think northern California got that hot, but it was kind of desert-y so I guess it's not too surprising.
Bob's sister (and my friend and old roommate) Cindy was supposed to come up to the reunion with other sister Rosie (also my friend too) but a nasty landlord caused massive problems for Cindy, problems which didn't allow her to come. I was very sad not to get to see you guys! But we had fun with Becky and Bob's parents and various other relatives. Jaide had a lot of fun with some second cousins who were close in age.
One night they had a game where all the dads had to stand barefoot behind a sheet and the kids had to pick out which set of feet belonged to their dad. It was kind of hard, because the men of Bob's family all have very similar feet. Jaide looked all the feet over and then ran right to Bob's feet. Jaide wasn't much help with the next game though. All the wives had to stand barefoot behind the sheet and their husbands had to pick which foot (there were more of us so we had to stand sideways) belonged to their wife. Jaide and Bob both picked Aunt Billie's foot. It was kinda similar to mine.

The swimming pool was a huge hit with the girls. We all got a bit burned. The girls had floaties to play with and Jaide got back into her swimming groove. Can't believe we didn't get any pics of the pool with the amount of time we spent in there (did I mention it was crazy hot?).
After the family pic, a teeny frog was found. The kids sure liked it.

They also liked all the horses. The girls and daddy feed the horses some of the hay that had fallen on the ground.

On the last day, shortly before we left, Jaide, Becky, and I headed down to this beautiful little pond/stream thing. Jaide and I got in. It had a bunch of these little tiny gray fish in it. Some of them nibbled at my legs and it tickled quite a bit. Jaide floated on her innertube. There were slipery rocks in some places and it got to about chest deep on me in the middle. Inside the tunnel (an old railroad tunnel) the gravel made it fairly shallow. When we went in, only a small portion of the the other end of the tunnel was visible. It looked like it sometimes fills up to the top of the other end. Grandpa and Grandma (Jaide's) came down and joined us after a little while. Bob was finishing up packing while Kiree napped.
Jaide poses for a shot upstream from the pond

crossing the dam, Bob's parents behind us

We drove back down to San Francisco and made a little detour to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was kind of late and very dark by then, so my pictures didn't turn out.

Didn't go to Fisherman's Wharf, we didn't have too much time to spend in San Francisco. But I'm glad we got to see a little bit of it.

We spent the night near San Francisco and drove in to see the Golden Gate Bridge again before we left.

It was a bit foggy and cold, but there's part of the bridge in this pic and the one with Bob and Jaide.
We were a little worried about getting back to the airport in time, but it worked out alright.

We made it to the airport well before this thing did. And yes, that actually is the plane we flew home on.


Cindy said...

I'm still sad I couldn't make it, but I'm glad you guys had fun. That little pond is really pretty. Those are some nice pictures.

Jenni said...

I love San Francisco! That's were we went on our honeymoon. So glad you had a fun trip! The foot game sounded hilarious!