Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer's last hurrah

This past week, this last week of summer, I wanted to try and do fun things with the girls. We played a few games of Elmo phase 10, made homemade yogurt, went to kidspace, and had a playdate with some friends from preschool. Wednesday night we tried to have a family picnic at the outdoor pool, but the one that I thought was open wasn't. We ended up having our picnic in the car at the parking lot of the gym. We went swimming in the big indoor pool (the kiddie pool was closed, just our luck!)
But school has been on our minds. Several days ago I asked Jaide if she was excited to go to kindergarten and she said, "I'm so excited! I can't wait to ask people their name!" I found out from preschool friends' mom that we could find out who Jaide's kindergarten teacher is online. So Thursday night we got online and found out which class she is in and who from preschool was also in that class. Two of Jaide's other friends from preschool are in her class. The other three kids are in the class next door. Most of the kids from preschool are at different schools.
Friday afternoon we took a tour of the school. It looks quite a bit different since they've remodeled and expanded. We even got to see Miss. Debbie and the new preschool room. After the tour it was time to meet Jaide's teacher. She put her supplies in her cubbie and found her desk. Kiree, who was immensely bored at this point, but had great fun once she found the play kitchen area. Kiree kept saying, "my school." I think she will miss Jaide a lot. It will be 4 more years before Kiree starts kindergarten. Jaide and her friends played for a while and their teacher took a picture of each kid with their name tag. I hear that Jaide's teacher is very good and she is the team leader for kindergarten. I think that Jaide is really going to enjoy kindergarten. I just hope she doesn't have any mishaps with going on the bus (I think there are 3 different Elementary school busses that go on parts of our street)!
I'm also excited to have more one on one time with Kiree again (although she is going through some kind of phase right now that is quite annoying, I have faith that she will be delightful again at some point). And time all to myself during Kiree's naps will be awesome! Kitchen cabinet painting, here I come!
I'm looking at the positives here. I'll have to keep thinking about those on Monday morning when my little girl hops on a big yellow bus to go off to learn and to have adventures- to have a life- without mommy and daddy.

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Cindy said...

That's really exciting. Hopefully she'll have a good time and won't take the wrong bus home, like I did the first day of kindergarten.

I love the girls' quotes on the side. I'm totally going to steal Jaide's quote for little sisters. "My wish is your command." Now remember that, Rosie and Becky.