Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trip to Boston part 2: Mainly Maine

Isn't it the goal of every American kid with an inclination and the means to travel to visit all 50 states? We've enjoyed putting together the US puzzle with Jaide and talking about each state that we've visited or that have people we know living there. We thought that driving up to Boston would give us a good opportunity to visit all those northeastern states we'd never been to before. We drove through Connecticut which we'd never been to before. We could have gone a little out of the way and hit Rhode Island too, but it didn't happen.
Our first outing after we arrived was a day trip to Maine. We had no particular plans of what we wanted to do there, but we just wanted to go there. We ended up finding out where the nearest light house was online and planned to go up toward there and figure it out.
If you ever go visit Maine and I'd recommend it if you're around there, then I'd also recommend you stop at a visitors' center. We stopped at one between 95 and 1 (they have those roads in Maine too, funny!) They had actual people there to talk to you and give you suggestions of what you might want to do while you're visiting. People with awesome New England accents. We got to listen to the guy with the cool accent and he gave us a colorful map of York, ME with interesting stuff to go see. We had directions to the lighthouse, a playground on the beach, and a couple of icecream places. Sadly, we ran out of time for icecream.


kathy said...

So is Rhode Island the only NE state that you guys haven't been to? I think Jaide has been to more states than I have! :)

BrookieT said...

That looks so fun and interesting.

Meg said...

Yup, RI is the only New England state we haven't been too.