Friday, August 21, 2009

Trip to Boston part 3: Vermont, the Joseph Smith Birthplace

Next we wanted to visit Vermont. Vermont was farther away from Boston than I thought it was. Since it took about as long to get to the one city on the southern border of VT that we thought of going to as it would to go to Sharon VT (the Joseph Smith birthplace) we decide to go to Sharon.
It was a long drive, made longer by stupid road construction in New Hampshire. We finally were able to pull off and stop for lunch after many minutes of little girl screaming and crying times 3.
The exit we wanted to get off at was closed because of said stupid road construction, so we got off at the next one. There really wasn't a good place to stop, since it was all residential. We ended up stopping outside of a middle school. There was a picnic bench outside.
The Joseph Smith birthplace was a very peaceful place where you could really feel the Spirit (even inspite of two little girls with an excess of energy running around crazy). We even got to go on a little golf cart tour to see some of the remains of some very old homes. I rediscovered my enthusiasm for archaeology once more when we saw these untouched sites. The guide said that the church didn't have any plans at the moment for excavating or restoring the sites. I was sure there was probably lots of cool stuff in there, but repressed my desire to hop the little fence and start digging. I didn't have a trowel for one thing.
This picture does not really capture the extent of the running amok the girls were doing over this very old stone bridge, over moving water, with a bit of a drop below it. Was I the only one who thought they were going to fall?
They are planning to build a replica of the cabin which Joseph Smith was born in.
Jaide is sitting on the original front step/porch of the house Joseph Smith was born in.

Right now they have a birdhouse replica.
Maybe next time we go to Vermont, we'll have to visit the Ben and Jerry's icecream factory. We stopped at a store to get some maple syrup (they did also sell Ben and Jerry's and other stuff made in VT) but didn't end up buying any. We did see a cat in the store, sleeping on a shelf along with some sweatshirts.

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