Friday, August 21, 2009

Trip to Boston part 4: Boston, the actual city

On Saturday Travis was able to join us on our adventure. We all took the T (like the el or the metro) into downtown Boston. It was a good thing too since we definitely couldn't have fit all of us plus strollers in any one of the cars.
We went to a farmers' market and had a picnic lunch on the greenway.
Jaide went a little nuts playing in the fountains and got thoroughly soaked. Kiree was a bit hesitant to step into large streams of water shooting up from the ground, so she didn't get too wet. Jaide had some time to dry off during an Alyssa fuel stop.

We went to little Italy and the famous Mike's Pastry. While we were walking there, some old Italian guy said hi to Jaide and I in Italian (at least I think that's what he said). Now it would have been quite the trick if he could have recognized the Italian genes in Kiree! After Travis got some pastries we headed over to the Old North Church (the one with the lanterns, one if by land, two if by sea). This fountain was in the park behind the Old North Church. We listened to the little presentation (did you know it's still a functioning church and that the original donation box still functions?) Then we headed to a nearby park to eat some pastry. We shared a lobster tail and boy was it good! Kiree, who I think takes more pleasure in eating and savoring food than most people was just in heaven. As often happens, she ended up wearing some of it as well. A pack of teenaged tourists passed by us and laughed at Kiree in her enjoyment and mess. Hopefully she was not scarred for life. It's one thing when we do it... She didn't seem to notice or care.
Lastly, we headed over to the harbor to see some harbor seals. The four of us misunderstood and tried to look for the seals in the harbor. Eventually we got back together with Emily and Travis and saw the harbor seals in a tank outside of the aquarium which is also at the harbor. I was very worried about Kiree getting past the safety fence at the harbor. She's at that special age where she's fearless, extremely clumsy, and also able to fit through small openings. See Bob hold her tight. I told him if she fell in he was going in after her. Fortunately no one went in the harbor. Unfortunately, the camera was being nutty and I didn't get any pictures of the harbor seals.

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