Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trip to Boston part 5: On Our Own, temple, Lexington playground

On Monday we headed out for a little while on our own so Emily and Alyssa could nap in a quiet house. Emily still works a couple of nights at the hospital (she's a nurse).
We drove to the temple. Our instructions were a little confusing and we ended up going a different way, but then all of a sudden we saw the temple. We had a snack, walked around a bit and took some pictures.
After that, we headed over to Lexington to this huge playground/park near a school. It was called Center Park and it had two very fun play structures in the play ground. It was nice too because it had a lot of stuff Kiree could do all by herself. The only bad thing was the lack of shade in the immediate play structure area. We played for a while until Jaide stepped in a huge mud puddle near the water fountain and got her socks very muddy.
Jaide is carrying her muddy socks (which she insisted on removing of course) back to the car.

It was nice to have some down time after doing lots of fun things in a row.

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