Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trip to Boston part 6: The Thrilling Conclusion- Sesame Place

Tuesday morning we packed it up and said goodbye to Tramily, Alyssa, and Bradley (aka the dog that licks) and headed south. After mucho, mucho traffic in New York City we made it to a rest stop just beyond the NJ border for lunch. Then we made it to Sesame Place at about 4pm. Sesame Place is right on the way to/from Boston and they sell nearly half price tickets if you get there later in the day, so that's why we decided to work it that way.
We hit the water rides right away (it was hot!) We didn't get to take a picture with Bert and Ernie, but later Kiree got to take one with Super Grover while Jaide and I were on the one rollercoaster together. Jaide was tall enough for any ride and Kiree was tall enough for many of them. Jaide and I went down this one water slide that drops you into about 3' of water. Now Jaide is 3'9" these days, but I guess I didn't warn her before hand about what happened at the end. We had been on rides that all had inner tubes before. Jaide got a little freaked out and just kept swimming around frantically, face in the water and then the lifeguard had to get her. If she just would have put her feet down she would have been fine. I probably should have gone down first, but she was so excited. We didn't go on any more of that kind of ride after that.
Other than that little issue, the girls had a lot of fun. We ended up leaving about a half hour after the park closed (Jaide and I were still in line for the rollercoaster when the park closed). We stopped at the nearby Taco Bell for some dinner and headed home. The girls fell asleep- yes!- and we drove the rest of the way home with no problem. We had thought about staying somewhere on the way home, but it wasn't all that late even by the time we got home.
All in all it was a really great trip!

These pictures were taken just a few days off of 3 years apart exactly. Kiree at 21mo and Jaide two days shy of 25mo. I think going to Sesame Place before you turn two (because you pay adult price once you turn two, bleh!) is going to be a family tradition.


Tracy said...

Love all your Boston pics. That's such a great city!

Emily Petty said...

My parents took us to Sesame Place as a kid and I have all these memories of it - but I haven't been back since - we'll definitely have to try that one. Your girls look so cute!