Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quick Update

The kitchen cabinet project continues. Yesterday, one week after starting, we actually put some paint (well primer) on some doors. My poor now nearly nonexistent fingernails had quite enough sanding for a lifetime. I also learned that paint stripper also removes the glue holding joints together- doh!
Jaide is still enjoying school. She gets stars every day on her calendar and has gotten 2 elk-grams (little notes you get when you do something good).
Kiree and I started mommy and me swim class last week. We had our second class today. We play and try to float and sometimes go under water. Kiree has fun, but would rather be running around the pool than swimming in it about the last 10min of class.
Bob redeemed himself yesterday by getting my car back in working order. Saturday morning, 10 min before I was supposed to go with Jaide to the primary program practice Bob decided to remove a part from under the hood to get a closer look at it. It set off a chain of events that led to me being carless until Monday afternoon, when Bob did put the original parts back in and lo- the car worked again.

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Emily Petty said...

ooh - I want to do a Mommy&me swim class too!