Thursday, October 22, 2009


 I got to go with Jaide on her first kindergarten field trip.  We went to the farm.  

We got to go on a hayride (and it even went through a stream!), go through a corn maze, and pick our own pumpkin and ear of popping corn.  

There weren't a lot of animals there, but there was a very friendly cow.  Jaide's teacher told the children before we left school not to pick a pumpkin bigger than their head.  Do you know why?  she asked them.  Because who is going to carry your pumpkin?  Each and everyone turned and looked at the adults.  Some even pointed.  No, you are.  the teacher said.  I still ended up carrying four pumpkins by the end of the day.  


kathy said...

I like the story of the pumpkins. At least her teacher tried, right? Well, it looks like you guys got home ok... either that or you're somewhere with internet. We miss you already!

Jenny said...

Don't you love that you always have to carry all your kids' stuff. Will they ever willingly do it themselves?