Friday, October 23, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa

Earlier this month Bob's parents came out for a visit.  Jaide and Kiree were so excited!  We didn't get too many pictures sadly.  

The girls loved playing monster with Grandpa.  I practically had to physically restrain the girls from waking up Grandpa and Grandma first thing each morning.  

One day while Jaide was in school, the rest of us all took a walk along the Patapsco river.  We saw some wildlife and crossed some wiggly bridges.  

We played games and Bob's Mom helped me turn two curtain panels into four.  It was sewing school for Meg!  I'm excited to do more sewing.  

They headed up to Boston to visit their other granddaughter the day we took these pictures.  A few hours later we headed to the airport to fly to Utah to see the other Grandma.  

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