Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jaide and Mommy Weekend

We had some things planned for this week and those plans kind of got changed.  Bob's Grandma Focha passed away on Monday and he decided to go out to California for the funeral.  We decided that Kiree would go with Bob since she is still a lap child until next Sunday and because I had signed up a couple of months ago to volunteer at Jaide's school and had been counting on Bob to stay with Kiree while I did.  So Jaide and I got to spend a lot of quality mommy/daughter time together this weekend.   Here's a little recap of how the week went. 

I had to finish making Jaide's swiper the fox costume for halloween.  Luckily, I went to the fabric store at the right time.  There were lots of awesome fabrics in just the right colors in the remnant bin- 50% off and no having to wait in line to get fabric cut (a definite win-win!)  Most of her costume was glue gunned together but I did sew a tail out of some fleece and I stuffed it with some leftover stuffing we had.  Kiree wanted me to make her a tail too, but I didn't.  I bought some orange felt because I thought I might use it for Jaide's costume or if Kiree ended up being Dora for halloween.  Her bear costume I bought last winter for $3 from the Children's Place outlet did fit so she was Osito (Dora's lost teddy bear).  They took the costume with them so she could wear it on halloween.  "Seeto" and "gwampa" were the two things we kept talking about to get Kiree excited about going with Daddy.  I ended up making a pair of Dora shorts for myself out of the felt.  I didn't have a pattern, so they turned out a little funny, but they worked okay.  I bought a pink shirt at Michaels, used the girls' Dora backpack and pinned my hair so that it looked like I had Dora bangs.  

We had to drop Bob and Kiree off at the airport very early on Friday morning.  Jaide and I went back to bed after we did.  We woke up sometime after 8 and were trying to get everything ready for school.  I hadn't tried pinning Jaide's swiper tail on yet and was having a bit of trouble with it.  By the time Jaide said it seemed like it was getting late, it was 10 after 9 and the bus had already come and gone.  I was planning to walk to Jaide's school since it was supposed to be crazy with parents coming in for the parade.  Since Jaide missed the bus, we both ended up walking.  I was one of two moms that came in to help out. I helped some of the kids put on their costumes and walked with them during the parade.  It was pretty fun.  I didn't dress up for the parade though.  Afterwards I helped with getting costumes back off again.  It's fun to go to Jaide's class and to see what they do.  I left when it was lunch time for Jaide.  I walked home and was totally kidless until Jaide's bus dropped her off.  I went shopping.  

Friday night was the annual Trunker Treat at church.  Jaide and I went to Chick-fil-A for dinner so we would have enough time to eat and get everything ready for to go.  We had a lot of stuff to carry- stuff for our costumes, decorations for the car, the camera, candy, and a bowl for the candy.  I took Jaide around once to trunker treat and left a bowl of candy on the trunk of the car.  Then I stayed by the car to pass out candy for a while while Jaide went with our friends for another round.  They had someone taking pictures and Jaide and I posed for one.  

Saturday morning we went by the little farmers market near Jaide's school and bought some apple cider.  We had been planning to go to Six Flags for quite awhile.  Our plan was to get a season pass for next year during Fright Fest and then you get to go to Fright Fest for free.  We were going to go on the 24th but something else came up.  Then we were going to go on halloween, but Bob and Kiree ended up out in California.  Jaide and I ended up going any way.  We got our passes (no line!  much better than it was on opening day the last time we got passes) and Bob will get his in the spring.  We had a great time at the park.  Jaide was just barely tall enough to go on a ride we'd never been on before.  It is kind of a cross between Pirates of the Carribean and a really awesome log flume ride.  Even though it did get you wet (and my behind was wet for awhile :P), it was our favorite ride.  There were hardly any lines most of the day.  We watched a pirate themed stunt show and went trick or treating in the kids section (okay there was a fairly long line for that one).  It wasn't too cold and the rain held off until we needed to go home anyway.  

We got home in time to throw on Jaide's costume and head out for some trick or treating.  I got out the handy dandy candy bowl again and left it on the lower landing of our stairs along with the pumpkins Jaide and I carved and a light up halloween decoration.  We went around our cul de sac and also to a few houses across the street.  Then it started to rain.  We went home and watched a black and white episode of the Outer Limits (it was the most halloweeny thing on tv at the time).  The rain let up and we got more trick or treaters at our door (I brought the bowl in when we got home since it was raining) and then our friends from church stopped by and stayed to chat for awhile.  

Today the whole fall back an hour thing was kind of a waste since Jaide still got up fairly early and then I ended up going to church an hour early even though I knew about the time change (I just really wanted it to be time to go I guess, and the clock I hadn't reset said it was time to go...) Our very nice friends invited us over for dinner tonight and Jaide and their girls ran around crazy and played while the grownups played a board game.  I do miss Bob and my Kiree Kiddo and I'm happy they'll be home tomorrow!


kathy said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I really like the costumes. The Dora bangs work for you. :)

Hules said...

I hadn't heard about aunt focha. She did look frail when I saw her in July. I send my regards!

Adorable costumes! You make a cute Dora! :)

Mahaffey Family said...

What a fun time with Jaide!

Emily Petty said...

You always create such great costumes!

Anonymous said...

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BrookieT said...

(Uh oh- spam!) I LOVED your costumes. I can't tell you enough how creative you are. Looks like you guys really had fun at six flags. Makes me want to look into a season pass...Where is that farmers market?