Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jaide School

Earlier this month a Baltimore Ravens football player came to Jaide's school. We asked Jaide who it was. She said it was Todd. Todd who? Todd... Hodd? Bob figured out it was Todd Heap.

Jaide brought home a book the other day called "How to Make a Turkey" It was made up of pages that the kids in her class filled in. Here was Jaide's page

How to Cook a Turkey

I will get the turkey from the turkey bag

It will look flat, cold and no bones.

It will feel like bones and bumpy

It will weigh 40 pounds

I will pay 41 cents for it.

I will cook it by my mom and put salt and water on top.

It will cook for 41 hours.

I will serve soup and salad with my turkey.

I think this is how you cook a turkey!


Some of the other highlights included:

I will get the turkey from: the farm with the cows, Elmo at the turkey store, the chicken store in the mall, Chick-fil-a.

It will look: like a ham that's skin color, like a circle with legs, like a dead turkey, like a pig, like zigzags on its back and four legs.

It will feel: sometimes soft and hot when it burns, cold and warm and hot, cold and real, hot and heavy, furry.

It will weigh: 100,000,000 ounces, two weeks, this many.

I will pay: $1000, 23 cents, $1

I will cook it by: take off the feathers, kill it with a knife and cook it where the pans are; the left and then to the right; lighting the grill; just put it in the oven, let it bake and when it comes out you have chicken; the stove and use special gloves so your hands don't burn.

It will cook for: 2 minutes, 5 seconds, 100 seconds, 15 hours

I will serve___ with my turkey:

   sauce, peppers, and bananas

   chicken and toasted cheese and maybe a sandwich

   lemons and blueberries and salt and oranges

   mac and cheese and water

   regular meat and chicken


   lemonade and a cookie with icing

   spinach sandwiches

   baked beans, hot dog and popcorn

   apples, lemon juice and waffles

   string beans and pizza

   bbq sauce and icecream

   chicken soup, french fries, and chicken nuggets

Now you've got some options for Thanksgiving.  Thanks kindergarteners!


kathy said...

That was hilarious. I really did laugh right out loud. And then I called Rusty at work and read it to him. Thanks for giving us some options for next week.

Hules said...

41 cents for a 40 pound turkey! That's a deal Jaide! Only in Maryland, I guess. Man, I miss all those years of free Turkeys there.

Emily Petty said...

That's hilarious! 41 and 40 seemed to be important numbers for her - is that like Bible code? :)

BrookieT said...

HAHA, she really said all that? SO funny!