Monday, November 9, 2009

Kiree's Birthday

Yesterday my little Kiree Kiddo turned 2.  She has been very excited about having a Dora Lost City birthday cake for a couple of months now.  I decided to try working with fondant for the first time.  I made some marshmallow based fondant.  (recipe here).  For a while it was going pretty wrecktastically but I think we managed to make it work (Bob helped me quite a bit with it, thanks Bob!).  The cake is the map to the Lost City where Dora goes to find her lost teddy bear, Osito.  Bob made the number pyramid and the trees and river in the mixed up jungle (that's why they're upside down and stuff- because it's the mixed up jungle, not because Bob made them by the way).  He also made the Lost City and I painted it and the pyramid.  

I wasn't planning to make a banner for Kiree's birthday, but Jaide insisted.  It ended up much smaller than usual since that was all the paper left on that roll.  We filled it out with some Dora coloring pages.  

We invited some friends over for some cake and Kiree got to blow out the candle several times.  

I sure do love my Kiree Kiddo!  She is such a sweetheart (most of the time) but she seriously is such a sweetie.  She told me this afternoon it was time for her nap and so off we went to put her in bed.  She and Jaide love to read stories in bed and always have lots of books in bed with them.  

Kiree loves shoes, Dora the Explorer, yummy food, and whatever Jaide is into.  Kiree talks really well and says lots of funny things.  This morning while we were waiting for Jaide's bus she told me, "i need go back to bed.  i need to CHILL - OUT!"  (wonder where she's heard that before?)  Kiree is still a strawberry blond (looks very red in this picture) and her eyes are multicolored- blue at the outter edges, then greenish, then brownish near the iris.  

Kiree is very easygoing and is a good little helper.  She still takes a nice long afternoon nap and is always very excited when we get to go out and meet Jaide's bus in the afternoon.  We're really glad that she is a part of our family!


Mahaffey Family said...

Happy Birthday to Kiree! The cake looked great!

Tracy said...

When did she grow up? Love the cake. Happy Birthday to your cute girl!

BrookieT said...

So grown up all of a sudden! I love the cake- I am very impressed! What did you paint it with?

Emily Petty said...

Happy Birthday Kiree! Can't believe all of our little ones are turning 2!

Meg said...

I used food coloring (little wilton pots) and a pastry brush to paint it.

Hules said...

2 years! How did it go by so fast? Happy Birthday! Love the creativity of the Dora cake