Monday, November 9, 2009

November Jaide and Kiree-isms

K: i wanna be dora for christmas.
K: (after saying she liked my dress and Jaide's dress, she paused and said) i like daddy's dress too.
K: i have an idea, let's play go in the house and play with gwampa.
K: where the party on my head? M: What's the party on your head? K: da bucket!
K: i'm gonna sing a song about monkies... maahhhnnnkeeee...
J: (repeatedly asking for something) pretty please! B: No. Pretty no. Beautiful no.
(Music playing at the store: eeeeewwwwweeee, Wild Nights... Kiree bopping her head along with the music) K: stops, looks at me and says "mommy, I wike the muse get"
K: (out of nowhere) daddy, i want 5 dollars.

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