Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Goals- How'd I do?

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I made some goals for myself at the beginning of the year.  For a couple of months I did follow up posts about how things were going.  My last post about it was in April.  But I didn't entirely give up on my goals.  I think some of them became so ingrained that looking back at them I'm like, this was a goal?  We just always do that!

Some of my goals needed to be tweaked a bit and so we made some adjustments.  

Here's how I (and in some cases we) did 

1. stick to the budget we've made:  Most months we did pretty well.  Right now all the categories are in the black, but I haven't entered all of December's receipts yet.  We did lower a lot of our budget amounts this year from 2008's amounts and that made #2 quite difficult.

2. either save and/or earn $50 extra each week: I kind of stopped focusing on this one because it seemed like all I really ended up doing was delaying purchases a month and then going over the next.  I did sell some things on ebay and so did Bob.  It was nice when ebay started the 5 free listings per month deal.  But I didn't make very much money overall.  I didn't get all the receipts entered in as frequently as I should have.  

3. try to go to the gym at least 3X a week and if I can't get to the gym do at least an hour and a half of physical activity at home over the week:  I did do pretty well with getting to the gym.  Some weeks were not as good as others, but I do try to go every day that I can.  Sick kids make that hard but the wii fit has given me something new to do at home as well. 

4. focus on making sure I've eaten fruits and vegetables each day rather than trying not to eat certain foods:  I don't think this went as well as it could have.  I'm hoping to learn more about better nutrition- I bought the textbook for the BYU IS nutrition class off of for about $2 and I'm going to read through it and try to learn on my own.  I did pretty well with keeping at least a few fresh fruits and veggies on hand at all times this year.  But those apples don't always look as good when there's something chocolate around.  

5-8: Being more organized/ keeping the house clean by sticking to the flylady program, making  sure the dining room table is cleared off so Jaide can wipe it down (she suggested this be her chore) and get everyone to help clear the floor each night so that our new roomba, Wall-e, can vacuum.  Make a weekly plan each Sunday night:  I have tried to stick to flylady.  I didn't do every mission but I did do something each day.  Using a timer and taking breaks helps immensely!  Lately Jaide hasn't been as big on cleaning the table, but she still does on occasion.  Kiree likes to help now too.  I need to make a new sticker chart for Jaide, her last one got filled up last month.  We haven't sent wall-e around every single day, but some days we've used him more than once.  We haven't gone more than two days without sending him around.  It's just what we do now.  The Sunday night weekly plan is also something we've pretty much stuck to.  It isn't always completed on Sunday, but we do have a plan for meals for the week by Tuesday at the latest.  Checking the calendar has been super helpful (although I did miss one Kiree doctor appointment because of the poor design of our 2009 calendar :P)  

I've got some ideas for goals for 2010.  I'm going to post those soon.