Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Book by Jaide

Here's the book Jaide made on Sunday when she went to church early with Bob. It has a strong Scooby Doo influence. I'll translate for you.

The Scary Night by Jaide. I went out to play and skip and jump.

When I was playing castle my mom disappeared.
??? It's a ghost! Then I went to bed (or I wet the bed?)

I said, "no, no!" and it ?

Then I took off the mask and it was mom.

I laughed at mom and I said that is so silly mom.


Meg said...

Special thanks to Bob for helping me get the pictures loaded correctly! They kept loading sideways.
I especially like the picture of Jaide holding my ghost mask.

kathy said...

I like the book. I tried to read her book first (then the translation, or maybe I should say "den" the translation). Jaide is so creative.
And I love your idea of a post a day. I don't think I could pull that off right now. We don't even have our tree up yet, so I'm already behind. :)

BrookieT said...

Simply hilarious! (and genius)