Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve- Dora pajamas and It's a Wonderful Life.

Coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought.

Lots of art toys this year.

That's the Diego wii game from Aunt Cindy.

Jaide sure is excited to open presents!

Bob gave me a gift for him. It was a card that said "Bob, Half the wii is yours. Love, Meg"

Christmas dinner and games with friends.

A calendar from Rathy.

No more markers for you Kiree!

Playing the wii with daddy.


rusty j said...

Did Kiree get attacked by a marker?

Meg said...

She attacked herself. I guess she thought she was a canvas or something.

Tracy said...

Love the pics -- especially the body art!

Hules said...

Cute Christmas PJ's! We have a tradition like that too. Actually, this year I went to walmart at 5:30 on black Friday just to get darling flannel pj's for the girls for just $3!