Thursday, December 24, 2009

Giving and the Trains

Yesterday evening we went to the firestation near church that has a Christmas train display each year. We forgot to bring the camera, but it was very cool. It was different from last year. We also went to the "safety room" to go on a safety hazard scavenger hunt. I think that is Jaide's very favorite part. It's their training room set up with pretend fire safety and other hazards.
All the firestations were having toy drives up until last night. The girls and I bought some toys at the craft store on Monday to donate. Jaide was so excited about it she kept mentioning it to random people in the store. I also had a duplicate of one of the toys we're giving Kiree so we decided to donate it too. I bought it at Target a long time ago and then found a better and less expensive one on Black Friday. Of course, I had recycled the receipt after I'd entered it into the budget because I "didn't need it." Kiree wanted to hold that particular toy in the car on the way there. Then we had to keep telling her that we were going to donate it and share with someone who really needed it. Two year olds are not much for charitable donations. But she calmed down about losing "her toy" as soon as she saw all the cool trains.
It's hard to believe it's Christmas eve already. I've finished up my elf-work, this last advent blog post, and now we'd better get to bed. There are going to be two very excited little girls tomorrow morning and now they can both get out of bed on their own.

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BrookieT said...

Man, we missed the trains again this year!