Monday, December 21, 2009

The Mall in Columbia Stole Two Hours of my Time and I Want them Back

Today Jaide had no school because of the snow. I thought, hey why don't we go see Santa at the mall. We went to the gym, stopped at the craft store and then headed over to the mall. We had some lunch and then waited in line to see Santa. It was about an hour wait, but I'm not complaining about that. That was fine. Kiree wouldn't get anywhere near Santa and cried, but no big whoop. My issue was when we left the mall at about 3:30. It took 2 hours (I'm not kidding, literally 2 hours) just to get out of the stupid parking garage. There was apparently an accident and then just regular old procrastinating hordes. Half of that time was spent up on the 3rd level where we had parked. I'm never parking in the stupid garage again! Then of course it was rush hour when we got out and it took another hour to get home from the mall (at off peak times it's like 15min!) Grrrrrr. So no nap for Kiree and no playing in the snow transpired for us today. I learned my lesson. Never go to the mall the week of Christmas and don't even drive near the road that Target and Walmart are on. Seriously. That is all.


Cindy said...

That's terrible. I hate traffic like that.

kathy said...

That stinks Meg. I hate traffic like that. I'm trying not to shop at all this week (except for the little bit that I did today)
And why would Jaide have normally had school today? Doesn't she get a Christmas break?

Meg said...

Christmas break wasn't going to start until Christmas eve, but the big snow storm has ended up canceling school this whole week now.