Monday, December 7, 2009

Pictures from my bday

We started celebrating my birthday on Saturday night. We went to an Indian restaurant and had some very delicious food. Sunday night, Bob made me one of my favorite dinners and a two layer carrot cake.

We couldn't find the number 2 candle, so I got two ducks instead.

I got several birthday related emails.

The girls helped Bob wrap "my" presents. This year Bob and I decided that we wouldn't get each other any presents during the year and just get a wii at Christmas. Bob decided it would be fun to wrap it up for my birthday and let me open it. (close enough to Christmas I guess) That way we could start playing it already. We also got the wii fit plus. The girls really enjoyed playing with the wii tonight for family home evening.


BrookieT said...

Ooooo. what a good idea!

kathy said...

I like your birthday pictures. You look really good! And the two ducks are pretty funny.