Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow Days in Pictures and Video

Jaide has really enjoyed playing in the snow, especially with daddy.  It sure is much less stressful trying to get everyone dressed and keeping everyone happy out in the snow when there are two adults!  Kiree likes the snow more in theory than in practice.  We made a small ramp in our back yard but the hill in the common area is better.  
You can see our Christmas tree through the back window. 
This year we put up lanterns from Ikea outside (the lights inside of them are a set of outdoor party lantern-y lights we've had in the closet for years).  Someone stopped to compliment them one time we were outside.  Too bad almost half of them have burned out :(  Our little paper advent village is almost complete.  Jaide wanted me to make a church every Sunday.  One was enough for me.  Note the row of townhouses in the front.  Mary and Joseph were completely covered, but the snow is starting to melt.  Maybe we'll have to help it along before we put baby Jesus out tomorrow.   

Some sledding videos.  One of Bob and the girls and one from my viewpoint going down the hill with Kiree.  They're better if you can hear them too.