Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving and Whatnot

We had a happy Thanksgiving at home, just the four of us, this year. We were smart and didn't make massive quantities of food. I bought just a turkey breast since no one really loves turkey. I made a half recipe of green bean casserole since Bob doesn't love that one either. We did make four pies though to balance out our moderation. We found a good pie crust recipe online and made one blueberry, one pumpkin, one cranberry meringue, and one chocolate pudding with graham cracker crust. Today the last of the pie disappeared. We did share some with Bob's cousins' family on Sunday too.
I didn't take too many pictures but I did try to take some of our candlelit dinner table. I got those very pretty Mikasa candle holders at the thrift store for $3 each!
I took the girls out the day after Thanksgiving for a little shopping. That reminded me of how it's not a great idea to go shopping with both of them. Each feels entitled to act a bit more crazy when the other is around. But we survived that.
We actually got all the Christmas stuff down from the attic Thanksgiving night but we didn't put up too much until Friday. I still have more stuff that needs to be put up. That night we went to the drive in movie in Baltimore and saw the Jim Carey animated Christmas Carol, Old Dogs, and Couples Retreat. Both the girls were up for the first, Jaide for the second as well, and both were asleep for the third. None of these movies was particularly great, but we went more for the experience and because Jaide filled up her sticker chart and didn't want to wait for the new Disney princess movie. And Kiree is definitely not the best patron of the arts so being in a car and not in a theatre full of strangers who don't love her is a much easier experience for me any way.
We got kind of used to having Jaide home with us all day (or half days) all last week so it was a little weird to get back into the old routine, weird but good. It's good to get back to the gym and make that pie disappear a second time.


Hules said...

So, the movie "old dogs" isn't good? Is there a reason, because the previews sure make it look funny.

I agree about the small turkey thing. I actually had no appetite for turkey this year.... But Paul loves the leftovers.

I too LOVE having everyone out of school and off work for the holidays. It's great to spend time together.

Meg said...

Old Dogs was okay, it made Jaide laugh and had some funny parts. I don't think I would have paid to go see it on it's own though. Granted, I don't go to movies very often so maybe I'm extra picky.

BrookieT said...

How funny! Jim doesn't care for any traditional thanksgiving fare either. I am impressed- you turned out more pies than myself! Eating them is so wonderful. We are still working on the strawberry-rhubarb.