Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Update

Okay, now I'm cheating a bit, but I don't want to get so far behind that this becomes a burden rather than a fun little thing so this post covers four days.

So we've been a little busy around here, not unlike everybody else I'm sure. Here's what we've been up to. We've been busy little kitchen elves making tasty Christmasy treats. I found a cool looking cookie recipe on and wanted to try it out. I made the dough on Friday and we made the cookies on Saturday. I was getting all anal about the kids helping and doing it right or not doing it right. Then Bob was trying to help by telling me to do things differently. Somehow we ended up having fun together in spite of ourselves. (we each ended up making our own cookies our own ways and it was good- Kiree just 'playdoughed' it up) I think they turned out pretty good. Jaide made the "hangabur" cookies in case you were wondering. We also made some chocolate dipped pretzels during Kiree's nap. Tasty. I mean some of them broke and we couldn't give those ones out.

Saturday was Bob's work Christmas party. Bob awesomely got a babysitter for the evening (usually I'm the one who has to set up babysitting). The party was a dinner at a hotel at the inner harbor. The food was really good. Many people seemed to really enjoy the open bar.

While we were gone, the girls and the babysitter set up some scrap pieces of wood we had in a box and made a nativity out of it. The girls wanted the babysitter to leave it up so we could take a picture of it when we got home. I got a picture of it with Jaide the next morning.

Sunday night we tried to get packages ready to mail. I ended up doing most of the package prep this morning. It was kind of stressful. But I think all the packages should be going out tomorrow. Hopefully they all get there intact. I think I've just got one more thing I'd like to buy for Christmas (besides food stuff) and I think I'll need to make a couple more treat items for Jaide's teacher and bus driver. Then I guess we need to decide what to give to the neighbors too. And then I can enjoy right? I guess I'd better make a plan for winter break, although it doesn't start for Jaide until Christmas eve!


Jenni said...

The open bar is always popular at Adrian's work parties too - man some people get a little crazy! Your treats looked yummy!!

Emily Petty said...

I'm impressed with your cookies! Packaging stressed me out too - glad it's done!