Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking Ahead

Here is some of what I want to accomplish in 2010. Not all are as specific as last year's were (I went way more themey this year), but I plan to continue monthly accountability here on the blog.

Continue good habits established in 2009

Take care of and enjoy the things I already have.

- using craft and other project supplies I already have, making use of free things (like the library for example), taking full advantage of the memberships/passes that we've already paid for, taking care of our house (improvements/maintenance)

Ask myself each day if what I'm doing is going to help us get closer to our financial goals.

Take time each day to do fun things, even if it's just for a few minutes.

Get to the root of my bad eating habits. Learn the principles of good nutrition and apply them in my life.

-reading nutrition text book, reading other good information from the library and online, also continuing to exercise consistently

Find more opportunities to give service

-complete at least two blankets for Project Linus using yarn/fabric I already have, look for other service opportunities (especially ones I can involve the kids in)

Get our emergency preparations in place

-work on our year supply of food by getting enough grain to complete 1 year long-term food storage for one person (or 3 mo for our whole family, it's the same thing).

-make a will by the end of February

Projects we hope to complete in 2010

making slipcovers for our freecycle sectional couch
fixing/painting the lower kitchen cabinets
new kitchen countertop
new flooring on the main floor
improving the drainage and grading of our swamp backyard
exterior painting
some interior painting


kathy said...

Those are some good goals Meg. I like that you posted them because I think it makes you more accountable - or, at least I would feel that way. The more people I tell about what I want to do, the more I feel like I better do it! :) Maybe that's why I didn't list my goals on my blog.

Hules said...

Good luck! Yah, I heard once too that a goal isn't a goal until it's written down.... But maybe that's for visual learners.

BrookieT said...

I may have some extra fabric if you are interested! Very good goals.

Emily Petty said...

Great goals Meg - I still haven't made any myself! oops. :)