Monday, January 4, 2010

Looking Back

Happy New Year!  Until now, I haven't blogged all year!  Ha Ha Ha.  

Here's a little recap of our 2009.  If you've been following along on the blog, this might be a little familiar :)

2009 was a year full of travel, family, milestones, and as you know if you know us- diy projects!

In 2009, one or all of us traveled to and/or through Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, California, Utah, and Texas.  These travels included spending time in such notable cities as Pittsburgh, Boston, SLC, DC, San Francisco, San Antonio, and Baltimore.  

Much of our travels were to visit extended family.  Bob and I became aunt and uncle for the first and second times this year (and the girls got two first cousins).  We got to visit our niece and our nephew who live in Boston and in Utah respectively.  We attended a family reunion and if it weren't for the aunt and uncle who live in Austria, we would have been the ones who came the farthest distance to be there.  Bob and Kiree went to his Grandma's funeral in October.  

We also had a couple of people visit us in 2009.  Both of Bob's parents came out for a visit and the girls loved playing with them.  Bob's Dad got to come a couple of times for work meetings in Baltimore.  Just before the new year, my dear friend and old roommate from college, Amber came out to visit.  The girls missed you after you left Amber!

We hit some of those annual milestones this year.  Jaide turned 5 in July and began kindergarten.  She really loves school and is getting better and better at reading.  Just the other day I spelled out a word to Bob so the girls wouldn't hear, but Jaide knew what it was!  Kiree started nursery at church in May and turned 2 in November.  She has been talking very well for several months now and is still working on potty training.  Bob and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in June.  Bob is still working at the same company and enjoys playing volleyball on a rec team and playing the wii (our combined present for our birthdays, anniversary, and Christmas this past year).  Meg still stays home with the girls and enjoys working out at the gym and with the wii.  Meg took an independent study class this year and got an A!  

We enjoy doing home improvement projects together (you do too, don't you Bob?)  and this year we did quite a few.  We did a whole lot of interior painting.  We will probably have painted every wall in this house at least once (and several more than that) by the time we sell it.  We got a new front door/screen door and a new HVAC system this year, but we let the pros do those projects.  Our biggest DIY project in 2009 was redoing the kitchen cabinets.  We painted all of our upper kitchen cabinets and added knobs to them.  The rest of the kitchen will be done in 2010.  We also put more insulation in the attic and built more area for storage in the attic as well.  We've also spent some time trying to maximize our storage elsewhere in our house and get ourselves more organized. 

2009 was a wonderful year.  We have been greatly blessed!  We're looking forward to a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year.


Hules said...

Sounds like a great year! So I couldn't tell from the photos are you still in Elkridge by the library? Are you renovating the same home or a different one? Interior decorating is fun but exhausting, eh?

Hope you get feeling better! Surgery is never fun!

Meg said...

We're still at the same place. Thanks for the well wishes :)

BrookieT said...

Makes me feel like I didn't get anything done! Seriously, well done! Sounds like a pretty good year.