Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Two Girls

Here are some pictures for you. Our test slipcover, the girls wearing jammies from Aunt Emily and Uncle Travis (and opening other presents from them). "Crazy Hair day" and a wittle pony tail. Scroll to the bottom for a little bit about Jaide and Kiree.

Kiree- is very two. has 1/4th of her 2 year molars. is so like her big sister in many ways. is also very different from her big sister. has an entourage of toys she sleeps with every night. seems to have a perma-runny nose right now. has never had a haircut.

Jaide- really wants to do what's right. loves her sister and her friends. seems so big but is still a little girl. gets upset and embarrassed when she makes a mistake. has a big imagination.

Both of them are great helpers when they want to be. Both love to take several books to bed with them. Both love to constantly pull the cushions off the couch to play with them. Both of them like Dora and Scooby Doo.

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Hules said...

Wow, Meg! Jaide looks so much like you in that photo!