Wednesday, February 10, 2010

and Snow it Continued Both Day and Night

It's snowing. If you take a look at this picture of our back yard taken recently from upstairs, you might notice a wartlike lump, that would be the kids castle/slide. And those fences are big tall privacy fences, not little waist height ones as they appear to be.

So here was Monday. We watched the 2nd half of the superbowl that Bob taped and ate crepes. The girls (Jaide at least) was excited to get outside and sled! Kiree is not a huge fan of snow. It might have something to do with her short stature and aversion to cold. Even on Monday, the snow was basically deeper than she is tall, although her light little self didn't sink all the way in.

We did get around to some sledding. Kiree eventually agreed to getting dressed to go out. Kiree took one ride down, lost her glove and declared, "let's go in and have hot cocoa!" Bob and Jaide stayed out a while longer.

Monday afternoon Bob went to work and I ventured out with the girls to Walmart. But Walmart was closed. Between the very warm car and the long time it took to drive there and back, Kiree fell asleep. We went home.

Tuesday we saw that it was supposed to snow again, so Bob and I devised a plan for the day. He would go to work for a little while, I'd go to the store. There was a great deal of ice on the front porch and steps. Using a hammer, salt, towels, and a hair dryer I eventually cleared it all off. I later discovered that falling/melting snow/ice was causing the problem and I wacked it off with a broom out the window. Bob called just before we were about to leave and we ended up meeting him at the store (BJs this time) and we shopped and waited in the long lines together, as a family. I got the groceries and kids home and Bob worked at another office for a surprisingly long time. Then it started to snow.

It's supposed to snow for a while. Bob's breakfast meeting, my surgeon follow up appointment, our dentist appointments, and relief society meeting are all cancelled today. School is unsurprisingly cancelled for the rest of the week.

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james said...

Hope you guys are hanging in there...I keep worrying about our roof and the weight of all this snow. I am so surprised we didn't run into you at BJ's- we were there tuesday as well! This isjust craziness. (Brooke)