Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goals for 2010- January and February

I'm finally getting around to following up on my goals for the year and how I've been doing with them.

Continue good habits established in 2009

I think this one has been going pretty well. We've been keeping the house pretty clean on a consistent basis for one. We've continued weekly meal planning and I'm still eating a lot more fruits and veggies than I was before. I haven't made it to the gym as much as I would have liked with snow and colds, but most days I have gotten some physical activity in.

Take care of and enjoy the things I already have.
I've enjoyed working on this one so far. I started making a blanket with the yarn stash I have. I finished Kiree's baby book!! I still haven't finished Jaide's though. I made valentine's for Jaide's class and decorations and crafts for the valentine's party I had for Kiree and friends, all with things I already had and using some tools I borrowed from other people instead of buying my own. We've headed to the library for fun books as well as some informational stuff. I'm reading a book now to help with my crocheting. I also got out the old viola again and was playing it in preparation for playing in church at the end of January. It's funny how I got asked to play not too long after I had thought about wanting to play it again. I haven't played it since, but maybe I'll have to get it out for fun sometime and not get stressed about it.

Ask myself each day if what I'm doing is going to help us get closer to our financial goals.
I haven't done much with this one. I might need to make it more specific and/or measurable. I think what I was trying to go for with this one was more like, stopping to think before each purchase or expenditure of money to see if it was going to fit in with our plans, or if it was really necessary. I think I need to tweak this a bit and maybe get back to being more aware of our budget. Bob kind of took it back over at the beginning of the year. Maybe we need to work on it together more.

Take time each day to do fun things, even if it's just for a few minutes.
I think I've been doing pretty well at this. It certainly hasn't been every single day, but it has been far more often that it used to be. I bought some inexpensive art supplies (on sale, with a coupon) and I was having personal art time twice a week during nap time. Having Jaide home from school and other random goings on these past couple of weeks has gotten me off track.
I'm striving to use my timer (a flylady idea) to do work in intervals with breaks. It's hard for me to remember to take breaks and that makes it easier. Doing something fun is so much more of a treat when you only get a certain amount of time and then it is a great motivation to get some work done for a while so you can get another break afterwards.

Get to the root of my bad eating habits. Learn the principles of good nutrition and apply them in my life.
I have been reading my nutrition book and another book about volumetrics. The nutrition book is very "boring textbook" in style, but I've found some interesting and useful information in it. The other book is interesting, but kind of common sense. If you bulk up your food with healthy stuff like fruit and vegetables, you can eat more, yet consume fewer calories than you would otherwise. I'm looking forward to finishing up these books and putting it all together into a lifetime plan for healthy eating. Hopefully I'll be able to do that!

Find more opportunities to give service
My goal is to make some blankets for Project Linus. I think I need to work on my crochet skills a bit more before I can do that. I think I might need to redo the blanket I've been working on so far. I haven't searched out community service things to do with the kids yet, but I have done some small acts of service for other people when opportunities have presented themselves.

Get our emergency preparations in place
This one we really haven't done anything on lately. Besides replenishing stuff in the three month supply, nothing at all. Sad. No, wait, we did talk to someone about life insurance and got some info but haven't made any decisions about that yet either. I had set the end of February as a deadline for making a will and I guess we've got a little over a week left. Guess we'd better get cracking on that. I'm not sure if/when we're ever going to have another ward cannery trip, so I probably ought to call the cannery myself to see about getting some stuff canned. And we need more wheat for short term use too.

For March
I'd like for us to have a will done and a date with the cannery. I would also like to go over the budget with Bob and see where we are at. I'd also like to reestablish regular art time and find small amounts of time for fun every day, I think I can do that at least!


kathy said...

Wow, those are really good goals. I like that you hold yourself accountable for them. It makes me think I should work on some of those things too.
Are you guys still snow covered, or has that finally started to melt?

Meg said...

It's been melting and it's pretty warm today too. We still have some big piles though but the streets are pretty clear. It's even supposed to rain the next couple of days and melt more snow.

Jenny said...

Those sound like great goals! Good luck with them.

Hules said...

These are all really good. I've been thinking a lot about #2 & 4. I recently watched my grandma sell everything & move into a care center. My parents are also downsizing. It just really makes me wonder why we spend half our lives trying to acquire our things & the other half getting rid of it. There are so many things that were fun to buy for my girls, but now forget about. Friends that come to play enjoy them more than my girls do.

Have you heard my neighbor's new CD One clear voice? The lyrics say. "Have what you want, but want what you have." It says "Go to the ballet, wear your red dress... Etc. In my 20's I didn't have to remind myself to play with my girls, I just played! Once I hit 30... I tell myself to dance with them... Yah, even in the rain.

Hules said...

Hey Meg are you still able to log into my blog? I noticed you still had your Avon account on it & wondered if you'd changed that email address. Just let me know. J