Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow on and Snow forth

Earlier this week, we had a little bit of snow and school was delayed two hours. Bob shoveled the stairs and built us a tiny little snow man. The snowman fell down before us girls left the house, and was all melted by the time we got back from running around. I took the girls to the gym and then we drove Jaide to school. Kiree was pretty sad that she didn't get to get out and go to school with Jaide.

Friday night the big snow storm started up. There was a great deal of snow on the ground by Saturday morning. We were pretty much stuck inside. Bob did some shoveling. Meg did some shoveling. Bob helped the neighbor get his big jeep back into their parking spot (he got stuck just outside the driveway while it was still snowing). We made doughnuts and bread and later in the day I turned the snow that had collected in the bowl I set outside into snow icecream. It was a hit with everybody.

Church was cancelled. There's still quite a lot of snow, but the road seems pretty clear. The neighbor shoveled out our cars. Bob and I did some family history work. We found some of my ancestors in the 1870 and 1880 censuses.
We'll probably go play in the snow tomorrow. Kiree probably would have sunk in up to her eyebrows (or farther) if she'd gone out yesterday. Jaide didn't have too much fun when she went out with Bob, it was very hard for people with short legs to get around in. And we'll have to take some more pictures.


Rosie said...

Wow! That really is craziness! Those pictures are pretty awesome. Did you know that Grandma Tuesburg had a tradition of making doughnuts on snow days, too? How do you make snow ice cream?

kathy said...

That is pretty wild. I'm sorry you guys are stuck inside. Who did you find in the census?

Jenny said...

You guys certainly got your fair share of snow this week, didn't you? That's a lot of snow!

Meg said...

snow icecream = clean snow +sugar+milk+vanilla.

Emily Petty said...

Cute little snowman and cool snow icecream!