Saturday, February 27, 2010

What do you do when you're snowed in?

We're not snowed in any more (yay!) but here are some pictures of what we did during the snow times that I finally got off of the camera this evening.

Shoveling, there was lots of shoveling.

Bob made a pathway through the backyard and eventually all the way up the hill out back.

We left a bowl out to collect more snow for snow icecream. I think we got more than we needed.

We got in some good sledding time using the path Bob made and the sled trail Jaide and I made by repeated sledding. It was incredibly fun. It started on top of a big snow pile in the neighboring parking lot and ended close to our back yard. It went fast, did side to sides, and even hopped up a bit.

We did get reluctant Kiree to go down a couple of times, but her favorite part of sledding/playing in the snow was always going inside and drinking hot cocoa.

As things started warming up and melting (and then refreezing), many big icesicles were made and we tried to knock some of that stuff down off the roof and elsewhere.

There was a very impressive sheet of ice on the back porch near this pretty impressive icesicle.
We found some things to do inside too. We played some games and had a visit from the diaper bum fairy.
She signed an autograph for us.

We tried to pretend we were in a warmer, more tropical place by eating tropical like foods.

When the weather was improving, we decided to party. Bob had invited some people over to play games and I was finally going to have my multi-postponed valentines party for the little ones, so we wanted to make sure there would be some kind of parking available. We also wanted to shovel out the area where the school bus stops, so it was win-win. And our good friend brought over their snowblower which really, really helped. The kids did finally go back to school on the 17th and had delayed days all that week.



I really should have taken a picture during the party. It is hard to believe we had 39 people here not too long before I took these photos. A few of them were babies and many were little kids, but it was a lot! I think a lot of people needed to party. You may notice I stole lovingly borrowed my friend Jenny's sewn paper garland idea. I borrowed some heart shaped hole punches from some lovely friends (that would have been a lot of hearts to cut out by hand!) You might also notice that the front of the sink cabinet has been replace by a piece of fabric. While we were snowed in, I got a hankering for removing the bottom piece of the sink cabinet to survey the damage (it was super warped and we had had a major water leak in the past). Fortunately there wasn't any mold, but we ended up removing the whole front part to get the bottom piece off. Fabric, my trusty staple gun, and a baby gate got the thing semi-normal looking before the party.


BrookieT said...

That sounds like some awesome sledding. We all had a good time at the party, and I didn't even notice the sink area! I am very impressed.

Emily Petty said...

Looks like fun times!!

Jenny said...

I'm glad you lovingly-borrowed my garland idea. :) Fun times!