Sunday, March 28, 2010

36 and 48

Jaide and I got haircuts a week ago Saturday at this new Great Clips near us.  It was a nice warm day and we went without coats, unlike yesterday and today.  Jaide really prefers having short hair.  In a lot of ways I do too.  I'm not exactly sure how much I like my haircut though.  Sometimes I think it's cute and sometimes it seems kind of like a brunette version of Arnold from the Magic School Bus.  Or an old lady do.  I think I probably did a little better job cutting my own hair back in July.  I cut my hair while it was dry and worked around what my hair naturally wanted to do.  My hair has it's own ideas that don't quite line up with this new haircut.  Maybe I'll have to tweak it.  

Yesterday we went to opening day at Six Flags.  Jaide and I got our season passes on halloween last year.  We came down last Saturday to get Bob's pass and our books of coupons.  I think this year is going to be more fun than the first year we had passes.  Kiree is now 36" (just barely, with shoes on) and that is the minimum height for many rides.  Jaide is now 48" (also just barely, with shoes on) and that is the minimum for several other rides.  I was really happy that all four of us could go on some rides together.  I finally got to go on the antique car ride and they finally had the train ride going, so we went on that.  We got to see where the new kid section is going to be.  It looked like a bunch of dirt and construction equipment.  I guess it's supposed to open in "early summer."  All the employees were very friendly and not yet jaded/burned out.  We had a fun time and came home before dinner time.  We really like going at the non-peak times because there were hardly any lines and not tons of people.  We like having the passes because we can go and stay for as long as we feel like and then go home.  We don't feel like we have to try and cram in as much as possible.  We'll probably also go to another Six Flags park or two this year and that is another fun thing about the passes.   Kiree- wary of the creepy six flags guy and daffy duck

Work continues at home.  These past couple of weeks I've been working on painting the lower kitchen cabinets.  I'm working very incrementally right now.  I'm happy that I got the smallest base cabinet finished (except for pulling out the fridge and painting the side, but anyway...)  Bob put in the handles, previously there were none.  I purchased the handles, 2 for $1 from Ikea last year.  

I also rearranged stuff in the girls' room.  I made room in their dresser for their pajamas so that I could hang their dresses up in the same closet with their shirts.  Now the other closet (where the dresses used to be) has some dress up clothes hanging up in it and others in a bin on the floor of the same.  It's the play closet, it has a curtain instead of a door and I painted the interior of it purple a while back.  Kiree "helped" me rearrange the books this week too.  I put some of them in the open shelf in their play kitchen.  We sure have a lot of kid books.  A few weeks ago I used the arrange-a-room thing on to make a plan for the girls room.  When Jaide turns six this summer, we're going to build the other bed and bunk them up.  Jaide will get the top bunk and Kiree will get her big bed on the bottom.  Then they will have more area for playing on the other side of the room.  Jaide was my consultant on that project.  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marchy pictures

On St. Patrick's day I made chicken noodle soup and dyed it green.  For dessert, I made brownies with andies mints in them (I tried to find candy that was more green, but couldn't).  I decided to go for something that I knew would taste good after the whole burnty pie thing and last year's not so good green pudding concoction.  

pics from pi day and the burnty pie.  Jaide is saying the pie is bad.  Kiree is the only one still eating it.  

If your wall looks like this...

It might just look like this on the inside- ewwwwww!  

Don't worry I cleaned it up.  There's far less wall there now than there was before.  Now we just need to figure out exactly where that leak is on the outside.  

I got rid of a bunch of that insulation too.  

Kiree on wheels.

Monday, March 15, 2010


We celebrated day light savings time by running late two days in a row!
We celebrated heavy rains by shop-vac-ing water out of the utility room! (shop-vac beats the heck out of ringing towels into buckets though)
We celebrated pi day by making chocolate cream pie! But it was unspeakably burnt tasting. Jaide declared, "bad pie!" Even Bob agreed, "that was bad" he remarked. Kiree liked it.
I celebrated discovery by tearing up the squishy drywall under our bedroom window to see just how much leaky water damage there really was! (hint- it was not a little)
Jaide celebrated finding a long lost stuffed animal friend by giving it (and some others) a haircut!
Kiree celebrated successfully crying to stay with mommy during mommy's dental checkup by lounging on top of her during it and chatting it up with the hygenist!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feb/March kid-isms

J: (referring to St. Patrick's day) "pioneer day"

M: "Can you say Kiree Marie?"
K: "kiree the me"

K: "happy patty day"
Kiree's excuse for everything: "i'm too wittle!" variation- "i'm too short"

J: "If you had four dogs and a dog sled you could go dog sledding."

While we were trying to comb Jaide's snarly hair- J: (yells) "self to self!"

J: (showing me finger puppets of the First Vision that Kiree got in nursery) "First you read the Bible, then you pray, and then Jesus shows up."

K: (playing I spy) "i spy my eye something in the dark, it's a flashlight!"

J: "Eeeny, meeny, miney, mo. Pocket pulla, pocket so. I pick you!"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Weather

We've been having some nice springy weather around here and I'm definitely in favor of it. The daffodils and tulips are poking up out of the ground and we went coatless for portions of the day today. There are still some piles of snow, but they're slowly melting (and the one by the bus stop is getting poked regularly by Kiree).
I took Kiree on a walk along the river today. We saw three deer, some birds, lots of old people, and one old dude smoking a pipe. We did the whole trail and had some lunch then headed back. This trail is paved, so I had Kiree in the stroller. She walked for a little while, but then wanted to be carried. She ended up back in the stroller.
Jaide was kind of sad she missed out. But we did play outside for a while after she got home.