Monday, March 15, 2010


We celebrated day light savings time by running late two days in a row!
We celebrated heavy rains by shop-vac-ing water out of the utility room! (shop-vac beats the heck out of ringing towels into buckets though)
We celebrated pi day by making chocolate cream pie! But it was unspeakably burnt tasting. Jaide declared, "bad pie!" Even Bob agreed, "that was bad" he remarked. Kiree liked it.
I celebrated discovery by tearing up the squishy drywall under our bedroom window to see just how much leaky water damage there really was! (hint- it was not a little)
Jaide celebrated finding a long lost stuffed animal friend by giving it (and some others) a haircut!
Kiree celebrated successfully crying to stay with mommy during mommy's dental checkup by lounging on top of her during it and chatting it up with the hygenist!


kathy said...

Wow Meg. That is some crazy stuff. I think I'm saddest about your pie, though. Burnt pie is usually less good than the non-burnt stuff. Were you guys able to celebrate national nap day yesterday?
We weren't either. :)

becgarcia said...

You're so funny Meg! You have a knack for the underhanded sarcasm that I love. How did you manage that dental visit?

BrookieT said...

You guys are so clever in how you celebrate! :-) Hopefully we won't get too much more rain of the torrential sort.