Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feb/March kid-isms

J: (referring to St. Patrick's day) "pioneer day"

M: "Can you say Kiree Marie?"
K: "kiree the me"

K: "happy patty day"
Kiree's excuse for everything: "i'm too wittle!" variation- "i'm too short"

J: "If you had four dogs and a dog sled you could go dog sledding."

While we were trying to comb Jaide's snarly hair- J: (yells) "self to self!"

J: (showing me finger puppets of the First Vision that Kiree got in nursery) "First you read the Bible, then you pray, and then Jesus shows up."

K: (playing I spy) "i spy my eye something in the dark, it's a flashlight!"

J: "Eeeny, meeny, miney, mo. Pocket pulla, pocket so. I pick you!"

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