Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Weather

We've been having some nice springy weather around here and I'm definitely in favor of it. The daffodils and tulips are poking up out of the ground and we went coatless for portions of the day today. There are still some piles of snow, but they're slowly melting (and the one by the bus stop is getting poked regularly by Kiree).
I took Kiree on a walk along the river today. We saw three deer, some birds, lots of old people, and one old dude smoking a pipe. We did the whole trail and had some lunch then headed back. This trail is paved, so I had Kiree in the stroller. She walked for a little while, but then wanted to be carried. She ended up back in the stroller.
Jaide was kind of sad she missed out. But we did play outside for a while after she got home.


Hules said...

Yeah, for new tulips! I too love the arrival of new buds in spring! However, it just feels wrong to see all the new daffodils we planted poking up in a row- only to then keep getting covered in snow. I'm in need of sunshine!

BrookieT said...

Yay for spring!