Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Break in Florida: Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Home

Sorry I didn't get this one posted sooner, the computer was being dumb.

On the last Saturday of our trip, we headed to the Animal Kingdom park and met up with Amber. Amber got herself a free ticket for volunteering.
We headed over to the safari first. Many of the animals were pretty active (I guess in the afternoon they like to lie around). It was fun to see giraffes, crocodiles, a lion, flamingos, and other animals a little closer than we often do. It was also great because it was something Kiree could go on. After that ride, she was stuck in the stroller for a while. We took turns going on a raft ride and I got totally soaked. There was basically no line, so Jaide and Amber went on again with Bob. After some clothing wringing, Jaide and Bob went on the Everest rollercoaster. Amber, Kiree, and I went to the Dino area and Kiree and I went on this ride like the Dumbo ride, only with triceratopses. Kiree was so excited about that one. Unfortunately Bob and Jaide were stuck waiting around for us (we thought the line was longer than it actually was and our cellphones were dead by this point). When we met up with them again Amber didn't feel like riding Everest, so she took Kiree while Bob, Jaide, and I used the rider swap ticket to get on. I thought it was a really fun ride and thought the theming made it even more fun. We did a little wandering and took some pictures. Bob saw a sign that said Pooh Bear and friends would be taking pictures so we headed to that line. Kiree was really loving the Pooh Bear doll we had bought her earlier and we thought she just might go for taking a picture with Pooh and not being scared about it. The place where Pooh and Tigger were was kind of off the beaten path a bit and so the line was actually quite short. It was pretty cool, because Kiree actually went up and gave Pooh a hug. She was so happy to see him. Unfortunately, the best picture of this was one that the Disney people took, so I ended up buying the download of it after we got home. Fortunately, Pooh Bear took his break after we got pictures with him instead of before :) Then we got to take pictures with Tigger. We decided that we'd all take a picture with Tigger and it was really funny because Tigger "kissed" us. The costume made this funny kissing noise when he put his mouth near us. It made me laugh, so the picture (Amber took this one with our camera) caught some good smiles. It was Tigger's turn to take a break after our picture with him also, so he headed out along with us and then grabbed Kiree's stroller and bounced away with her. Unfortunately, the camera was in it's case on the back of the stroller at the time, so we didn't get a picture. We caught up and Tigger gave us back our Kiree. We also passed Eeyore (Amber's favorite!) on his way to the picture area.
We took the train ride to the conservation station where the petting zoo is located. The petting zoo had several goats and some sheep, but they all mostly stayed in the shaded "rest" areas. They didn't really want to be petted. I guess there are probably a lot of people who come through there every day. Kiree was way more interested in playing in the gravel/dirt in the petting zoo area than in the animals anyway. In the exhibit building, we ran into Pocahantas and the girls took a picture with her. There was a line for Jiminy Cricket, so we passed on waiting for him (that and the girls don't even know who he is). Amber said she had never seen Jiminy Cricket at Disney before.
We went to the It's Tough to Be a Bug 3D show. It was a little intense, but the girls werent' too bothered by it. The creepy crawly on the seats though was a little disturbing to me (just a little). We also went to the Lion King show and Bob and I went on the Dinosaur ride. The ride stopped near to the end in the dark and some girl yelled, "this isnt' supposed to happen! I've been on the ride lots of times!" and at first I was thinking, "wow. They're really trying hard to make this ride intense." But then several people opened up their cell phones for light and we continued to wait for another minute or two before the ride started up again. We didn't end up taking Jaide on that one. While we were on that ride, Amber bought a soda and my little moochy two year old kept on telling Amber how much she liked soda so she would give her some. Sorry Amber!
We didn't go on any of the walking trails to see more animals. We stuck mostly to the rides and shows. The grand finale of our visit to the Animal Kingdom park was going to Finding Nemo- The Musical. That is the show that Adam and Andrea are in. Andrea was Dorrie and Adam was Mr. Ray and some other characters. We ended up sitting, very, very close to the stage. But it was a really fun show. The actors carry puppets of the characters and so they're acting and singing but also working a puppet. Most of the pictures Bob took are pretty blurry, but this one is one of the better ones. You can see Andrea on the left and Adam on the bike. This was one of Andrea's last shows since she is expecting and starting to show. After the show we met up with Adam outside the theater and got to meet the whole cast. I think the girls were a little confused because they didn't have the character puppets with them. It was a really special ending to our day at Animal Kingdom. Crazy arms!
Crazy hair!
After that Amber headed back home, since she had church responsibilities the next day and she had had her fill of Disney, and we headed over to Epcot. We failed to get a picture of me holding up Space Ship Earth, I should have been much closer to Bob, oh well. We all went on the Nemo ride. It had some of the songs from the show. Kiree was happy for another ride she could go on. At the end of the ride we got to see the aquariums in that building. The manatee observation area was closed, but we did catch a brief glimpse of one manatee that came near the window on the main floor. Bob and Jaide decided to wait in the very long line for Soarin' while Kiree and I went to do something else. The fastpasses were all gone by that point, but Jaide said she had fun waiting in the line (I guess there were some kind of games going on). Kiree and I went on Space Ship Earth. I didn't know that it was even a ride, but after reading about it on the cakewrecks blog, I knew I had to go inside the big ball thing. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a ride kind of like pirates of the carribean, but with the history of people inventing stuff as a theme instead. You go all the way up to the top. The funnest part though was the end. At the beginning of the ride it takes your picture. For some reason, I had my mouth open in this funny sort of smile. Then at the end as you're going back down it makes a little movie about the future using your picture. You pick out certain things and it creates a little cartoon about you in the future. It was really funny with the pictures of Kiree and I. Kiree fell asleep during the ride, so she missed it (it was getting pretty late by this point). I thought Jaide would really like that ride. We went back to the Land (the building where the Soarin' ride is) to wait for Bob and Jaide. It took quite a bit longer than the posted wait time for them to get off the ride. While we were waiting Kiree got a second wind and was running around crazy as were other little kids waiting with a parent for their people to get off the ride. Jaide and I hurried to the fastpass line to use our riderswap but sadly, even that line was really slow. It's a long ride. Jaide was kind of hyper at this point and wouldn't stop talking. She had to tell me all about the ride since she had just been on it with Daddy (same story with a lot of the rides we went on together). I probably would have enjoyed the ride a little more if I hadn't been wanting to take Jaide on Spaceship Earth. It was a pretty cool ride. There's a big Imax screen that shows a movie of flying over California. You ride in this seat that lifts up and gets right in front of the screen. It moves around with the movie and they even blast you with appropriate smells (citrus, pine). When we got off the ride it was closing time. Bob and Kiree had gone on Spaceship Earth and Bob had inadvertently stolen someone else's stroller (it was the same model of stroller as ours, but much newer looking and parked near where ours was) but those people hadn't taken ours. We ended up taking the other stroller to guest services. I hope those people inquired about it, but probably they just went home thinking they got their umbrella stroller stolen at Disney. Jaide was super embarrassed about it. I found that a little funny, but I tried to be considerate of her feelings. I took the girls and waited somewhere else while Bob turned in the stroller. Jaide was sad too that the park was closed and she couldn't go on anymore rides. I guess we'll have to go again some time. We had already been talking the previous day about "the next time we come" so I think we probably will have to come again some time. Next time it will be a lot more expensive. Maybe we can convince my brother and his wife to get acting jobs at Disney :)
We headed back up to Jacksonville and crashed at Amber's place again. We went to Amber's old ward on Sunday and Jaide was excited to be a 'bisitor'. We made Amber's chicken and stuffing casserole for dinner. We liked it so much, we ended up making it at home last Sunday. The girls had a lot of fun dressing up Amber's ducks in all of their outfits at the same time. It was good to have a day of rest after two very full days of Disneying and before a full day of driving home. We packed it up and headed for home on Monday morning. We were really happy to have that cable to plug the laptop into the car power thing. The girls watched several movies and Jaide played computer games during Kiree's nap. It actually wasn't too bad of a drive and we ended up getting home before 9:30 that night.

Jaide is now a Mickey Mouse fan


Rosie said...

Fun pictures! I especially love the one with Tigger and the one with the duck dolls. So cute!

Emily Petty said...

Wow! You guys REALLY had an awesome trip - that's fantastic that you had friends in the show!